Asbuilt Surveys

Unlike topographical or boundary surveys which measure the boundaries or features of the land itself, an as-built survey is designed to show any and all improvements to the land at a given point in time. An as-built survey is a detailed survey conducted by a qualified land surveyor to document the precise locations, dimensions, and configurations [...]

Boundary Surveys

Female Surveyor Hammering Nail Marker in Asphalt. Boundary Survey Services: At Drone & Land Surveys, we offer comprehensive boundary survey solutions tailored to meet your needs. With our expertise in land surveying, we ensure accuracy and reliability in defining property boundaries. Types of Boundary Surveys: There are two primary types of boundary surveys we specialize [...]

Converting Cross lease to freehold title

The Property Institute of New Zealand estimates homeowners of cross-leased properties can suffer value losses from 7 to 18 per cent. Conversely, converting the title to fee simple can add value to the property and make it easier to sell. We can help you to add value to your Record of Title / property by converting [...]

Cross lease update

A cross-lease is where multiple individuals own an undivided share of land and a lease for part of the land/building.  This building will then be leased back to them (often for a term of 999 years) and recorded on the Record of Title.  In other words, in a cross lease title, property owners share ownership of [...]

Drone Surveys

Using the drone surveys, we are able to not only produce topographical plan, but a high-resolution aerial (ortho-mosaic) image of the site which will definitely assist in better interpretation of the topographical information.  Drone surveys have enabled us to produce topographical plan for big scale jobs (extensive area of land) in a relatively short period [...]

GIS Analyses

Many companies around New Zealand fail to make optional use of the possibilities that spatial information and accompanying GIS services has to offer.  It often seems to be too troublesome. You need to collect the right data, transform them into the required format or digitize existing hard-copy materials. Once the data is digitally available, a [...]

Height to Boundary Surveys

If you are uncertain about how close you can construct your building to the boundary and how high the new building can be we are here to help. Different District Councils have different rules and standards.  Our experienced Licenced Cadastral Surveyors can determine the height in relation to boundary for you and help you to [...]

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are a precise method of surveying in which features or structures which are thought to be moving or have the possibility of moving are repeatedly checked to determine the amount of movement or deflection. The amount of movement over the time, if any, can be recorded, quantified and subsequently reported. The many precise and [...]

Setout Surveys

A set-out survey is procedure used to determine location of a building, a structure or architectural design on the land or existing structures by setting out its exact position within the subject property and in relation to boundaries.  The setout survey enables engineers and builders to construct the structure or building precisely to what has been designed.  [...]

Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision is essentially a process of dividing a parcel of land or a building into one or more further parcels, or changing an existing boundary location. We are always happy to assist you in feasibility assessment of a project.  Please contact us using the link if you want to make sure feasibility of a subdivision based [...]

Topographical Surveys

Topographic survey (Site Survey) is simply the recording of coordinates and height data for a particular survey area. This data can be used to create spot height maps, contour maps, or more complex terrain models of the surveyed area. Topographical Surveys are normally needed for architectural design, landscape design, and/or structural design. Thanks to the modern [...]