Topographic survey (Site Survey) is simply the recording of coordinates and height data for a particular survey area. This data can be used to create spot height maps, contour maps, or more complex terrain models of the surveyed area.

Topographical Surveys are normally needed for architectural design, landscape design, and/or structural design.

Thanks to the modern equipment, knowledge and expertise available in Drone and Land Surveys Limited we are able to offer the following options for producing a topographical Plan:

  1. Topographical survey using the traditional Land Surveying methods (total station and GPS)
  2. Drone Survey

Using the drone surveys, we are able to not only produce topographical plan, but a high-resolution aerial (ortho-mosaic) image of the site which will definitely assist in better interpretation of the topographical information.  Drone surveys has enabled us to produce topographical plan for big scale jobs (extensive area of land) in a relatively short period of time which will be more cost effective.

Please contact us if you require a free quote for a topographical survey or drone survey project using the link.