Unlike topographical or boundary surveys which measure the boundaries or features of the land itself, an as-built survey is designed to show any and all improvements to the land at a given point in time.

An as-built survey is a detailed survey conducted by a qualified land surveyor to document the precise locations, dimensions, and configurations of constructed elements or improvements on a property or development site. This survey is typically performed after construction or development work has been completed to verify that the final built structures match the approved plans and specifications.

Asbuilt survey can include measuring of services (e.g. stormwater, wastewater, and water supply), buildings, etc.

As-built surveys play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with building regulations, development permits, and zoning requirements. They provide accurate and reliable data that can be used by local councils and regulatory authorities to assess compliance with development consents and building codes.

In New Zealand, local councils often require an as-built survey conducted by a qualified surveyor as part of the development compliance process. This survey helps verify that the constructed improvements, such as buildings, infrastructure, and utilities, are built according to approved plans and meet the necessary standards and regulations.

Councils may also require as-built surveys for various inspections and approvals during the development process. These surveys provide essential documentation to support compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure the safety, functionality, and integrity of the built environment.

For more information about the specific requirements and regulations related to as-built surveys in New Zealand, individuals and developers are encouraged to consult their local council’s website. Council websites typically provide detailed guidance, forms, and resources related to development compliance, including information about the role of qualified surveyors and the need for as-built surveys in the approval process.

Here is an example link to the some Council websites, which provides information about development requirements and the role of qualified professionals, including surveyors:
Auckland Council – Building and Resource Consents

Hamilton City Council – Building Consents and Information

Rotorua Lakes Council – Building Consent Applications and Requirements

Tauranga City Council – Planning

Individuals should refer to their respective local council websites for specific information relevant to their location and development projects.

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