Female Surveyor Hammering Nail Marker in Asphalt.
  • Boundary Survey Services: At Drone & Land Surveys, we offer comprehensive boundary survey solutions tailored to meet your needs. With our expertise in land surveying, we ensure accuracy and reliability in defining property boundaries.
  • Types of Boundary Surveys: There are two primary types of boundary surveys we specialize in: LINZ Boundary Reinstatement Surveys and Boundary Identification Surveys.
  • LINZ Boundary Reinstatement Survey: Our licensed cadastral surveyors conduct LINZ Boundary Reinstatement Surveys to establish official boundary markers and prepare Records of Survey lodged with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). This creates a public record vital for boundary disputes resolution and preventing future conflicts.
  • Boundary Identification Survey: For situations where old boundary marks are missing or unclear, our Boundary Identification Surveys provide clarity. We locate existing boundaries and, if necessary, mark them with survey stakes. This service is ideal for fencing projects and areas with minimal potential for boundary disputes.
  • Ensuring Accurate Boundaries: Over our years of experience, we’ve observed instances where fences do not align with property boundaries, potentially leading to disputes or inaccuracies in land occupation. Our team is dedicated to identifying the actual position of boundaries to prevent such issues.
  • Assistance with Fencing Projects: Whether you’re installing a new fence or seeking to verify the location of existing ones concerning property boundaries, our boundary identification surveys provide the necessary insights. We ensure that your fencing projects are aligned accurately with property lines, minimizing potential conflicts.

With our commitment to precision and professionalism, Drone & Land Surveys is your trusted partner for all your boundary surveying needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in defining and protecting your property boundaries.

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